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Terms & Conditions

American Gambler's Pickstar Challenge Free 2 Play

Game Rules - Terms & Conditions

It is important to state no entry fee, wagering, betting, purchase, or any other form of consideration is required to take part and/or win the American Gambler's Pickstar Challenge Free2Play game, nor will it increase the chances of winning any game.

Promoter and sponsor

American Gambler's Pickstar Challenge is promoted by Raketech US Inc, a corporation incorporated under the laws of Delaware, having its registered office at at 263 Shuman Blvd, Suite 145 Naperville, IL 60563, US (“Raketech”). Raketech is licensed to operate as affiliate marketing in various US States, including New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Tennessee, West Virginia, Michigan, Indiana and Colorado.

How people can enter the challenge

American Gambler's Pickstar Challenge Free2Play games are exclusively available through American Gambler website. Players must register on such website and create a free account to take part in our Free2Play games.


Up to $1,000 per week.

Start and end dates

American Gambler's Pickstar Challenge will take place on a weekly basis for 18 weeks. It starts on 09/06/2021 and ends on 01/09/2022. 

How the prize can be obtained

On each week, the game has six (6) set questions and participating users is required to provide their response to the questions.

Participants can change, edit and amend their responses to any of the questions by logging into their account and adjusting them accordingly, as many times as they wishes. However, this will only be available until the first game included in the relevant questions starts being played. After this deadline, no further changes are allowed. All final responses will be logged and checked once all games during the relevant week close.

How winners are selected

Only those who answer all six (6) questions correctly win the big $1000 cash prize.

The $1000 cash prize is a prize pool spread amongst all American Gambler states.

a) If only one participant answers the six (6) questions correctly, such participant is entitled to receive the entire prize;

b) If multiple participants (from the same or various states) answer the six (6) questions correctly, the prize will be equally shared among them;

c) If no one answers the six (6) questions correctly, then no one is entitled to the weekly prize.

The prize that has not been won on a particular week are not added to the prizes of the following weeks, so that at any week the maximum prize remains $1000.

There are no prizes (in cash or otherwise) for those participants who do not answers all six (6) questions correctly.

Participants can follow their current status on the Free2Play platform throughout the tournament using the leaderboard once they have completed all six (6) responses. Winners will be contacted after each round, to provide their details in order to commence the verification process.

How the prizes will be paid

Wins will be paid out in cash in wire transfers at the bank account of the relevant winners.

Payment will be made by Raketech within 7 days following the end of weekly games and the completion of the verification process.


American Gambler's Pickstar Challenge Free2Play is only eligible to users who

a) are 21 years and over;

b) are resident in USA (except in Florida, New York or in any other state in which from time to time the relevant legislation requires a prior registration, or, for any reason, prohibits or makes it illegal the challenge);

c) hold a valid email address.

Winners will be required to submit a valid ID verification. No prize can be paid if the winners do not provide the relevant documentation.

Only one entry, per week and per person is allowed. Users cannot create multiple accounts within the various states American Gambler operates in and only one will be considered. Should the terms be violated, Raketech will have the authority to remove the user's account and terminate their participation in the game.


This American Gambler's Pickstar Challenge Free2Play game excludes any employees (or consultants) of Raketech Group Holding Plc, or of any of its subsidiaries thereof. This exclusion also includes any immediate family members and/or those within the same household.

All federal, state, local, and laws and regulations apply and prevail over these terms and conditions, so that the challenge will be void where prohibited by law.

Changes and cancellation

Raketech reserves the right, at its sole discretion, to cancel or amend the American Gambler's Pickstar Challenge Free2Play game at any point, without any prior notification. The changes will be effective upon posting of a relevant notice to American Gamblers website.

Raketech also has the right to terminate an account should they find that person be underage.


When signing up for the American Gambler's Pickstar Challenge Free2Play game you are also automatically agreeing to receiving communications.

We will mainly use your personal data (including name, and email address) for the purpose of organizing the challenge, communicating with you in relation to such challenge (including providing information and updates on new available rounds), and respond to your inquiries regarding the challenge. Further communication and personal data will be required to winners, to make the necessary verifications and pay the prizes.

We base this processing on our legitimate interest of handling the competition.

We reserve the right to mention the names of the winners on American Gambler website, or on its social media pages.

Further communications

Should you wish to have further communications from American Gambler about the latest news, updates and other sports information, then please sign up to the American Gambler newsletter.

Further communications will also be required from American Gambler's Pickstar Challenge Game Free2Play team to the winners in order for them to claim their prize.

Gambling problem

Whilst the game is entirely Free2Play and no betting or exchange of payment needs to take place in order to take part, American Gambler fully encourages users to get help if they or someone they know has a gambling problem. Kindly visit contact them on [email protected]; and/or call 1-800-522-4700.

General information

By entering the American Gambler's Pickstar Challenge, an entrant is indicating his/her agreement to be bound by these terms and conditions. Participants may be required to sign further paperwork issued by Raketech.

No responsibility can be accepted by Raketech for entries not received for whatever reason.

Raketech’s decision in respect of all matters relating to the challenge will be final and binding on all participants.

If a winner cannot be contacted within 14 days of notification, Raketech reserves the right to withdraw the prize from such winner, and to distribute the prize to the other winners (if any).

The American Gambler's Pickstar Challenge Free2Play game is available across multiple states and the game terms have been translated to fit each market accordingly. However, in the event of any doubt, dispute and/or discrepancies, the English version will be considered as the original agreement between American Gambler and the participant.

Governing law

The American Gambler's Pickstar Challenge Free2Play game and these terms and conditions will be governed by the laws of Delaware and any dispute will be subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the courts of Delaware.

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